• Agricultural Data Centre. State Agency
    State agency "Agricultural Date Centre" is a legal successor of “Latvian State Pedigree Information Data Processing Centre”. The Agency creates whole state register of animals and whole state register of owners, produces unique identification numbers for animals, prepares data for animal recording in State Herd book, processes genetic evaluation information, organizes milk recording and produces annual report.

  • A Legal Analysis on Outer Space
    An updated analysis on "Paper Satellites" and the Free Use of Outer Space, written by Iulia-Diana Galeriu.

  • American Law Sources On-line (ALSO!)
    Provides a comprehensive and unified compilation of links to freely accessible sources of law of the United States, Canada and Mexico and introductions to their legal systems. This site contains additional links to sources with commentaries and practical advises as well as information on law schools, lawyers profession and law reviews.

  • Analysis of "Space Asset"
    Updated legal analysis of "space asset" (a satellite, launch vehicle, a satellite ground station etc.) under the 2012 Space Protocol to the International Interests in Mobile Equipment. Written by Pai Zheng.

  • Artlaw Online. Art and cultural heritage law
    Artlaw Online is an online resource dedicated to art law and cultural heritage protection. The website provides news, expert articles, case analysis, and interviews with professionals in art law and culture heritage fields. Users also have access to a database of legal acts and various information brochures.

  • Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
    Databases of Legislation and case law of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, United Kingdom and Ireland. Links to other legal information resources in Australia and other countries. Search possibilities. Full text, searchable legal information system covering primary legal materials of Australian State, territory and federal legislation and decisions of courts and tribunals at both State and Federal level. In addition AustLII also contains many databases of secondary legal materials e.g. law reform and royal commission reports, law journals, treaties and other legal resources.

  • Aztec and Maya Law
    The resource, provided by the University of Texas School of Law, contains detailed historical information on Aztec and Maya law.

  • Basic guide to international environmental legal research
    Treaty research by subject. National laws. Searching library catalogs. Periodicals. Internet sites. Environmental organizations, institutes, and statistics. Environmental law blogs and current awareness tools. Author - Heidi Frostestad Kuehl.

  • Basic Guide to Researching Foreign Law
    Basic guide to researching foreign law by Mary Rumsey. This guide describes basic strategies for finding the laws of countries other than the U.S, primarily in English. The emphasis is on codes and laws rather than cases. The guide will also help you find secondary materials that describe other countries' laws. It includes links to websites and to other guides.

  • Basic info and online source of NAFTA and CAFTA research (North American Free Trade Agreement and United States-Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement)
    Francisco A. Avalos's and Maureen Garmon's guide focuses on online sources for primary and secondary materials for NAFTA and CAFTA agreements.

  • Before Roe v. Wade
    Resource of the Yale Law School, dedicated to the significant U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion. The homepage offers free access to the book 'Roe v. Wade', which collects historical materials on cultural, political and legal factors that influenced the development of the abortion discussion in the U.S. and helped to shape the Court's decision.

  • Bepress Legal Repository
    Bepress legal repository is a network of legal materials where law schools, research units and other institutions make law-related publications available free of charge.

  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)
    Full text, searchable legislation and case law databases covering England and Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and United Kingdom, fully cross-referenced. Judgments are linked through to other decisions or to the legislation and, where relevant, to decisions of Australian, Canadian and other linked sites worldwide. Resources include House of Lords decisions, Court of Appeal of England and Wales decisions, High Court of England and Wales decisions, Northern Ireland Court of Appeal decisions, High Court of Northern Ireland decisions, Irish Supreme Court decisions, Irish High Court decisions, Irish Competition Authority decisions, Irish Information Commissioner's decisions, Scottish Court of Sessions decisions, Scottish High Court decisions, Scottish Sheriff Courts decisions and legislation for Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

  • Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
    Full text, searchable legal information system covering both legislation and case law of Canada's Provincial and Federal governments and courts (in French and English).

  • Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)
    Information on economic and social rights worldwide, international and national projects of the center, publications and events. Includes wide collection of links related to human rights worldwide.