• Agricultural Data Centre. State Agency
    State agency "Agricultural Date Centre" is a legal successor of “Latvian State Pedigree Information Data Processing Centre”. The Agency creates whole state register of animals and whole state register of owners, produces unique identification numbers for animals, prepares data for animal recording in State Herd book, processes genetic evaluation information, organizes milk recording and produces annual report.

  • Albanian Parliament
    Information on the Albanian Parliament - structure, rules of procedure, parliamentary committees, bulletin, parliamentary groups. Albanian Constitution. Information on interparliamentary relations of Albanian Parliament.

  • Althingi. The Parliament of Iceland
    Official webpage of the Parliament of Iceland. Contains information on the parliament’s history, elections, legislation and its procedure, organization as well as publication in English with information about the parliament of Iceland.

  • Anti-Corruption Bureau of Brunei Darussalam
    The main function of the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Brunei Darusalam is to undertake preventive works and to conduct investigation in corruption matters. The homepage provides information on the background of the Bureau, organisational chart and public information materials. Prevention of Corruption Act is also available on this site.

  • Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Portugal
    Information on the parliament of the Republic of Portugal - its committees, powers and duties, composition order, election results and information about deputies. Constitution of the Republic of Portugal and other constitutional documents, as well as electoral legal acts. Information on government program and latest events. Links to sites of other state institutions in the Portugal.

  • Australian Government Attorney-General's Department
    Homepage of the Attorney-General's Department. Information on Australia’s legal and justice system, legal aid, national security and counter-terrorism.

  • Bank of Albania
    Information on the Bank of Albania, the Albanian banking system, banking legislation, regulations, coins and monetary policy. Links to other sites on international financial institutions and government bodies of Albania.

  • Bank of Latvia
    Information on objectives and history of Bank of Latvia, its structure, monetary policy and payment system. Oversight of payment system of Latvia and review of payment system in Latvia, as well as monetary bulletin and annual reports. The financial information on external debt, interest rates and international reserves, money market, securities. Laws and regulations on banking and connected spheres in the Republic of Latvia. Information on money of Latvia- history, banknotes and coins, security features, and other.

  • Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia
    Composition of Cabinet of Ministers, links to ministries, news, data base of draft legal acts (in Latvian), State Chancellery.

  • Centre of Peace in the Balkans
    Information on current situation in Balkans and crisis in Balkans - different witness statements, photos, articles and research on crisis. Information on UN and NATO action in Balkan crisis. Information on Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and background studies of crisis. Links to other web pages on institutions that have been doing research on Balkan crisis or that have performed some action in Balkan crisis.

  • Chamber of Deputies of Italy
    Information on the Chamber of Deputies of the bicameral parliament of Italy - its composition, functions, participation in the legislative process, legal acts governing the Chamber, relations with international organizations and the European Union.

  • Chancery of the President of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on the President's duties and activities as well as the Chancery of the President.

  • Congress. Lower-house of the parliament of Spain
    Information on Parliament of Spain, deputies, elections, and bodies of the Parliament - bureau, board of Spokesman, deputation, committees, subcommittees and others. Information on deputies of the Parliament - their speeches, personnel home-pages. Official publications of the Parliament and other constitutional institutions. Information on the Parliament's relations with European Union institutions. Links to other sites on parliaments of different world countries, ministries of the Spain government and other institutions of the Spain.

  • Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia
    Homepage of the Consumer Rights Protection Centre provides advice to consumers and entrepreneurs as well as news on product safety. Additionally, users can access various consumer rights databases and a list of legal acts governing consumer rights.

  • Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB)
    Information on KNAB, its functions, history, legal acts. Information on corruption in Latvia and KNAB action in combating it. Press releases on corruption and general statistics on corruption in Latvia. Information on finances of political parties. Links to other sites on corruption combating institutions in Latvia