Search possibilities:
1) you can search by typing one of several keywords in the field Keywords. We recommend choosing words that best describe the searched resource. Juridica search facility will dispose only those web pages where all typed words are found in any field of the resource description.

  • Words cannot be combined in phrases.
  • Capital letters and small letters can be equally used. Letter register shall be disregarded; search results of "LATVIJA" and "latvija" will be the same.
  • Search facility allows searching only by precise word, wildcard characters shall not be used. Results will be displayed in the same form as searched for. For example, if searching conventio* or like, web pages with a word convention will not be displayed.

In order to perform new search click on Clean to clear out previous search criteria.

2) Search by theme, type, language, geographical principle gives possibility of selecting by several criteria concurrently. Moreover, if any of the criteria has subcategories results from the subcategories will be attached. Subcategories are listed alphabetically, within each theme alphabetical principle is applied as well.

Theme: discrimination
Region: Europe
All results that correspond to the theme discrimination will be displayed, including those from the region of Latvia (as a European country).

3) Search in the catalogue
In case you have problems with establishing criteria at an early stage of your search consider search by "branch". When choosing a theme, type of document or region from the left and right side subcategories as well as those resources enchained to this branch (not to any of the subcategories) will be displayed.

Note that in advanced search window your search criteria can be seen. Therefore if necessary new criteria can be added in order to narrow the search results.

By clicking on any of the subcategories resources enchained to this subcategory will be displayed.


Results will be listed as names of the resources in an alphabetical order.

Resources recommended by the founders of the catalogue will be listed at the top in an alphabetical order.

By clicking on the name of the resource you will be forwarded directly to the site on the Internet.

If search by keyword is used all resources where the keyword/all keywords are found in the name of the site or the description of the contents of the site will be displayed. For example, if you search for contract drafting record with a name Contracts: samples and drafting will be displayed.